Several positions to handle multiple tear downs. Part identification, tag printing with customized information (Quantum generated  bar-codes). Parts individually wrapped and packed in containers meeting export regulations

Types of Services

Bonus Tech, Inc., offers complete engine tear down for repair stations, part distributors, airlines and banks. We focus on providing superior customer service, attention to detail, cost effective solutions and on time delivery.



We are committed to exceed your expectations from start to finish!


Dismantling stations positions to handle multiple tear-downs.


Part identification, tag printing with customized information (Quantum generated bar-codes), Parts Manifest ready to be loaded in customer's database (excel, pdf).


Parts individually wrapped and packed in containers meeting export regulations.


Drop shipment to various repair vendors in accordance with customer's requests.

The Workshop

We are located in a 107,000 sq. ft. building. Our team is able to input several engines at the same time, and we have all the tooling in place at each of our workstations.

“We are best known for our short lead times, competitive prices, and for helping our customers to reduce overall costs.”